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If you want to talk with a pastor about something you ar e going through, have questions about how to grow deeper with Jesus, or find out how to find community to connect with ––
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Heights Recovery Ministry exists to provide a safe and open environment for individuals and families who are struggling with addiction and other challenges in life.

Lifeline Text

If this is a life threatening emergency, please dial 911.

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Counseling Resources

Are you looking for further support and to begin the journey of healing and growth? Check out the resources below or contact us for a referral.

  • Suicide & Crisis lifeline

  • Terros health mobile

  • Counseling

    Fill out the form below if you're interested in receiving counseling and would like a referral.

Local and in-person

Counseling & Therapy

If you'd like to pursue local, in-person counseling, click the button below to begin the Heights Church referral process.

Through the form below, we will be able to gather some information from you. After that, someone from our Cares Team will be in touch with you shortly to help find you the best resource for you.

Want to help?

Would you like to help love and support our Heights family by sponsoring the care of someone else? You can help to provide care by clicking the link below and giving to our "global" fund.

What is our


Finance Forward is the benevolence program for Heights Church and is a faith-based financial discipleship/education program designed to bring a biblically grounded understanding of financial responsibility to those in financial need. 

The Finance Forward program is a ONE-TIME financial assistance program designed to show GOD’s love and provision to those who find themselves in need. Its purpose is not to offer ongoing financial assistance or emergency funds, but to help people develop short and long-term financial goals and create a balanced plan to meet those goals while connecting people to local resources and social services.

4 easy steps

  • Step 1 | Fill out an Application

  • Step 2 | Attend our workshop

  • Step 3 | Meet with an advocate

    Assignment of an advocate who will engage & guide you through the remainder of the Finance Forward process.

  • Step 4 | Committee Process

    The Finance Forward Committee will meet & decide if your request will be approved. If approved, payment(s) will be directly paid to the payee.


We take God at His Word – there is power in prayer.

There is a team of people eagerly waiting to pray with you right now. Whether it be a personal decision, health issue, personal suffering or a happy moment in your life –– click the links below to share.