| Chapter One |

Week of June 13-19

I woke up not feeling myself.

After running a fever and body aches throughout the night, everything just feels off today. It’s a Monday, but this is going to require a different rhythm to get back to what is a “healthy normal”. It’s going to take complete rest which isn’t something I thrive in or a normal habit for me to start off the week. 

It makes me think about the times when I don’t feel “normal” in my relationship with Jesus.

Those days when everything just seems a little off center.

Sometimes, it’s my heart thats just chasing other things, at different times its the altar of busy and I have lost sight of who I am within performance. There are also those moments when God leads me through something difficult, that I didn’t choose, to inspire fresh growth in my relationship with him, allowing me to trust him in “new normal” ways.

In all of these circumstances, if I am to stay centered where God designed me to live, I have to live out of a rhythm that grounds me.

I have to create a habit. 

One of the best ways, I have personally found for my life to stay anchored inside of what God the Father has done, through Jesus for me, and be reminded of my true self in Jesus, no matter how I feel, is through the rhythm of reading the Bible each day.

Most mornings, on a good day, when the house is still quite, I find a favorite chair, have coffee on the side table, pen in hand, and I ask the Holy Spirit to guide and illuminate the pages of God’s narrative. I ask that He would give something to carry throughout the day.

So when I start to react negative, feel overwhelmed, lose sight of truth, or drift from the “normal” that God tells me I am, I go back to what He gave me to carry that day. It helps to stay grounded. 

S P I R I T U A L  H A B I T

As we start the journey in the book of Ephesians this summer, would you commit to reading whatever passage we cover the weekend before?

So this week for example, we covered chapter one. Everyday this week, as a church family, we will all sit, ask the Holy Spirit to provide guidance, and read chapter one together each day. 

If possible I will be starting my day with scripture so I can carry it through out my day. 

If I can, I may even write a verse each day that stands out, and then place it somewhere so I will be reminded throughout the day.

I can’t wait to see what God does through his word to hold us centered throughout the summer through the book of Ephesians.

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