Men of Heights

We exist to be the men that shape the future of our community.

  • Men's Events

    If you are looking to dive deeper into God's Word while taking a step further into community, then these Bible Studies and events are a great place to start.

  • Handymen

    Thank you for your interest in the Heights Handymen's Ministry. To get started, please fill out the following forms, found through the button below.

  • Pray Together

    We believe in the power of prayer. No matter how big or small, we serve a God who is able to make a way forward.

We will shape our community either by what we do, or what we DON’T do.

Our Aim

Encourage and train men to make disciples who make disciples as we emphasize the importance of being the spiritual leaders of our families.

Soak the men in our community in God's narrative, in the full arc of God's integration with man from Adam to Jesus.

Grow equally spiritually and relationally through weekly bible studies and gatherings outside of studies.

Have a Question?

Our team is ready to answer any questions that you may have and are even more excited to just say hello!