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Week of June 6th - 12th

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Moving Home


Main Idea:
If you have joined us for the last couple of weeks, you have been with us as we analyzed the Bible as one seamless story.

As we move into our final week of our current series, Moving Home, we discuss the end story where heaven and earth collide. It’s a guarantee that is already, not yet. We are moving home. 

Psalm 102:25
Psalm 115:16
Matthew 25:41
Revelation 20:7-10
Revelation 20:11-15
Revelation 21: 1-8
Revelation 21: 22-27
Revelation 22: 1-5
Revelation 22:20

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Our Response


The greatest act of love and generosity was God giving his son, Jesus, for us. We joyfully give our time, talent, and treasure in response to His generosity – and we want to see more people step into the freedom found in Jesus.

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Jesus showed us the way to life both in words and in practice. By spending time with Him we become like Jesus, and in turn learnt o do what Jesus did.

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We take God at His Word – there is power in prayer. There is a team of people eagerly waiting to pray with you right now.

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Going Vertical Summer Camp

Beginning June 7th

Going Vertical is a high energy, fast paced and fun environment for kids entering 1st - 6th grade. Everyday we will be doing creative and adventurous activities and having a blast!

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Womens Summer Celebration Lunch

June 12 | 11:00a - 2:00p

Celebrate Summer at this year's Womens Summer Luncheon! Come hungry and ready to enjoy a time filled with fun and laugher together. 

We are also excited to be encouraged by Cathy Peach, our Women's Ministry Director. We can't wait to see you there!

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Summer of Service Families for kids

June 13th | 12:00p

Our heart is to see more than enough families step in to care for foster children in our community. Join us for an info meeting to learn more about how you can step in and support those in foster care.

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Womens Summer Studies

Beginning June 14 & 17

Are you ready for a summer filled with connection, community, and growth in God's word? Our Women's Ministry is offering two different studies this summer and would love for you be a part!

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Women's Hike

June 19th | 7:30a

Join us for a day of laughter, community and all in the beautiful creation that God has made. We will be go on an easy hike, followed by kayaking at Lynx Lake. We hope you can come!

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Phil Wickham 

→ Nothing Else
Cody Carnes 

→ Worthy
Elevation Worship

→ God I Look To You
Bethel Music

→ O Praise The Name
Hillsong Worship 


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