Teaching Pastor & Men's Ministry Pastor
Ron Merrell
Teaching Pastor
John Challinor
Executive Pastor
Bill Knotts
Life Groups Pastor
Bob Hoyt
Life Groups Director
Hannah Bleckley
Life Groups Administrative Assistant
Stephanie McCrea
Recovery Ministry Coordinator
Earl McCrea
5|6 & Junior High Pastor
Steve Adame
Young Adults Pastor
Rocky High
Director of Early Childhood
Mandy Risinger
5th & 6th Grade Coordinator
Austin Turner
High School Intern
Brian Wade
Young Adults Coordinator
Jake McIntire
Shepherding Pastor
Mike Gaston
Spiritual Care Pastor
Matt Croswhite
Executive Director of Women's Ministry
Cathy Peach
Executive Director of Heights Local & Global
Kolbi Millsap
Coffee Shop Coordinator
Heather Rocha
Grafted Coffee & Tea Coordinator
Brittney Hoffman
Grafted Coffee & Tea Barista
Kaila Baril
Worship Director
Jala Tass
Worship Leader
Joanne Golleher
Worship Leader
Zach Walker
Worship Leader
Kaley Walker
Communications Director
David Bleckley
Office Manager & Administrative Assistant for Care, Marriage & Adult Ministries
Leah Brinser
Software Coordinator
Kate Langford
Administrative Assistant for Creative Arts Team, Pastor Ron & Pastor John
Jenny Knotts
Shelley Wetzel
First Impressions Coordinator
Darron Khan
Finance Director
Leslie Holbrook
Contributions Coordinator
Patty Zahorecz
Accounting Assistant
Hannah Mailand
Director of Residency Program & Support to Family Ministries
Lori Ketring
Human Resources & Administrative Assistant to Executive Pastor
Beth Daniels
Prayer Coordinator
Christine Wingard
Production Assistant
Joel Ostrem
Production Assistant
Toby Buettner
Video Production Assistant
Nic Johnson
Communications Coordinator
Kristy Croswhite
Facilities Director
Chris Taylor
Facilities Coordinator
Rick Hernandez
Facilities Team Member
Shannon Willie
Events Coordinator
Kathy Kilmer
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