Recovery, Counseling & Care

Everyone has times of hurt and struggle. You’re not alone.

Whether you need someone to pray with, to cry with, to counsel with, or to recover with – chances are you can find that through Heights.


Elements is a recovery support group open to people who have or are struggling with addiction, and for their loved ones. The journey of recovery is tough and requires a lot of work. This group is designed to create an inviting space for those who struggle with addiction, and to work alongside their program of recovery.


There are times that the circumstances you are experiencing can be too overwhelming to share in a group or class setting. Sometimes the level of care needed requires someone with professional training and the ability to meet on a regular basis for a longer period of time. There is no shame in seeking a counselor, and we’re dedicated to helping you receive the hope and healing that God wants to give you. Please contact to look into counseling.


Freedom in Christ – Are you going through a season of spiritual dryness? You’re not hearing from God, and it feels like your prayers aren’t being heard. It’s difficult to concentrate when reading your bible. Your relationship with Jesus isn’t as close as it once was, and you can’t stop the negative thoughts constantly going through your mind. You can find freedom from the chaos in your mind and the spiritual unease.

Grief Share – If you’ve lost a loved one and are having a hard time with the grieving process, Grief Share is a support group designed to help you recover from the deep hurt of loss.

Spiritual Care Training – Jesus calls us to love others, but how to love can be a challenge, especially with people who are angry, depressed, or in need of grace. The skills you will learn in Spiritual Care Training will benefit your own personal life and equip you to be more effective in helping friends and family who are hurting.
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Waiting Room – This is a community of compassion, comfort and hope, where families impacted by same-sex attraction can heal and thrive.

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