Marriage is a precious and beautiful thing – it’s the closest picture we have of the love relationship between Christ and the church.

Whether you’re building the foundation for a lifelong relationship, or have seen many seasons together, we want to help your marriage thrive.


Premarital Workshop – The average marriage in America is given a 50/50 chance, and families are feeling the impact. Our hope as a church is to see marriages not only survive, but remain strong through the years.

We believe that the road to a healthy marriage starts well before the wedding day. Through the Premarital Workshop, you’ll lay a firm foundation for your relationship. Together, you’ll build ¬†communication skills, find a new understanding of each other’s deepest needs, and discover a plan for your marriage before it begins.

For information on getting married at Heights, having a Heights pastor officiate your wedding, or premarital counseling, please fill out this short form or call Kathy Kilmer at 928.445.1421 x1009.


Couples Mentoring – Learn from couples who have been through life’s challenges and speak from experience & wisdom. Contact Leah to be paired with a mentor couple. 928.445.1421 x1029.

Sacred Marriage – Learn to love your spouse more completely in this class based on Gary Thomas’ book, Sacred Marriage. Register here.

Cherish – Understand what this impactful word from your vows truly means in your everyday life. Based on Gary Thomas’ book, Cherish, this 7-week class guides you toward truly cherishing one another.

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