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The world is in deep need of hope, and there’s no message better than the love of Jesus. With so much political and spiritual turmoil around the globe, there’s a challenge before every follower of Christ to tell a watching world of the hope we’ve found.

Join us in this mission to reach out to nations and people groups who are struggling. We have a desire to see the world impacted by and for Jesus, and to see his love spread into the farthest corners. Through our global partnerships, this message of hope is spreading more every year.


Global Partners

Each year, we ask our partners what they need most. For some it’s resources and prayer. For others it’s teams that can visit them and take part in their ministry. Below is a list of our partners so you can learn more about their ministries and join us in praying for their work and their mission field.

BRAZIL – Barbara Burns

CAMBODIA – Steve & Noit Hyde

CZECH REPUBLIC – Landen & Jenny Llamas

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Santo Domingo Christian School for the Deaf


INDONESIA – Nathan & Becky Fagerlie

JAPAN – Jay & Caitlin Greer (Mustardseed Network)



MEXICO – Hope for the World Church of Nogales


Heights Global

Heights Global

Heights Global

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