Life Groups

Large churches can be a hard place to find close-knit community. There’s a sea of faces on any given weekend, and it’s not the easiest venue to get to know the people around you. That’s why life groups are such a vital part of the church – it’s a way for the rows we see on the weekend to circle up and do life together.

We’ve heard countless stories of people finding real relationship, accountability, and faith in action. Life groups are so much more than church attenders meeting up for a bible study; they’re a place where real friendships are found, where your understanding of the Christian life finds traction, and where you’ll find a place to belong.

How do I find a group?

Scroll down to the Group Finder, and start searching!

The filter option will help you to find the group that’s right for you, based on the things that are important to you: what stage of life you’re in, the location of the group, and the day of week you’re free.

Leaders and Tools

We aim to equip our leaders with the tools they need to help guide groups through life with grace and truth. We’ve got a library of study materials for leaders to choose from, and weekly study guides published in the sermon archive to go along with each message.

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